atomic0x (atomic0x) wrote in pear_pc,

holy fast!

Well, after *ahem* reading the sample config file for the cvs build I changed my darwin config and got pearpc to boot the darwin install image. Man! what a great improvment in speed! I'm thrilled. Hopefully the install goes well
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I thought you'd gotten it to work, then I found your reply to my comment...

And yeah, the configs have changed; heh. Try one of the new Altivec builds, might be faster.

Either way, if Darwin is like OSX, you're in for a few hours of install.

You know Darwin is available for x86, right?
I don't know how long it took. I had a nap ;) But it's done, and it's booting as I write this

Yeah I know it's available for x86, I just wanted to try out pearpc, I'd like to install osx, as soon as the edonkey hurries the f*** up! "HEEAA MULE!" *cracks whip*
Yeah, I'm pretty new at the bittorrent thing. I don't even know where to begin looking for a link for osx.